Transform your legacy apps to Web, mobile & cloud
Rapidly extend IBM System i, mainframe and database applications
Easily mobilize your legacy systems with open source today

From any legacy source to any

modern target

Whether its IBM Sys i, AS/400, mainframe or database legacy systems, the sky’s the limit in what you can connect to. Some examples include:

  • CRM such as, Microsoft Dynamics
  • ERP solutions
  • Internet of Things
  • Mobile applications
  • Web applications

In hours or days, instead of weeks or months. Best of all, its open source.

  • “Within a week of starting the project with OpenLegacy, we were able to offer our employees remote access to our AS/400 applications, without compromising on performance or security. This is a game changer for us”

    Airport AuthorityCIO
  • "It is absolutely essential for us to have AS/400 data in the hands of our doctors in the field, so that our financial data is always precisely up to date. We looked at many options, and OpenLegacy was the only solution that could work equally well with both the legacy environment and the tablet."

    CEOVeterinary Cooperative
  • “Providing mobile connectivity to all of our managers with development time in days instead of years, at a fraction of the cost of an ERP upgrade project, made working with OpenLegacy a no-brainer.”

  • “We were apprehensive about developing web applications built on the AS/400 backend at first. OpenLegacy simplified development by generating code that’s lightweight and easy to understand, and using the same web frameworks we use in other parts of the organization. Using OpenLegacy, we managed to expose transactions from the AS/400, and didn’t have to compromise on performance, security, and development speed.”

    Health Maintenance OrganizationCIO
  • “Our market is highly competitive and we have to keep up. Having our AS/400 applications available for smartphone users is key to being a market leader, and with OpenLegacy we’re able do it quickly and cost-effectively.”

    Car ImporterCIO
  • “I was blown away by how fast and easy it was to develop our new AS/400 tablet app with OpenLegacy. We didn’t need to learn how to code for tablets and we didn’t need to change anything in the AS/400. We get all the benefits of the tablet, with the security and reliability of the AS/400.”

    Tire CompanyCIO
  • “OpenLegacy helped us develop web services on top of our mainframe transactions at a fraction of the cost of IBM. Coupled with its performance, security, and fast time to market, the ROI was instant”

    Credit Card Company CIO
  • “Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, and providing a top-notch internet website for our members is part of it. OpenLegacy helped us improve the usability and functionality of our website, without changing anything in the AS/400 processes powering it. We’re now enjoying both worlds - modern web interface and AS/400 reliability and security”

    Health Maintenance OrganizationCIO
  • “Having the new OpenLegacy web service up and running within five days, after spending six months developing it with a competitor, was simply unbelievable. The fact that it’s also much faster, and the product is much less expensive, sealed the deal for us.”

    Insurance CompanyCIO
  • “We love OpenLegacy’s intuitive interface for creating new services and maintaining existing services. The code it generates is a breeze to update and extend.”

    Insurance CompanyProject Manager
  • “We’re getting more value out of our legacy crown jewels - our business-critical applications - by creating new web and mobile applications on top of them. Our senior managers now have key business information at their fingertips whenever, wherever they need it.”

    Furniture RetailerCIO
  • "The Microsoft CRM implementation is part of a bigger project at Delek to combine legacy applications with new technologies, offering our users uniform and friendly interfaces. OpenLegacy made the integration between the AS/400 applications and the CRM fast and painless."

    Ruth Hirsch,Deputy CIO Delek Motors
  • "When we had our technical people look at what they were doing and how they were doing it, we were pretty impressed with how comprehensive it is and how much it does for you. Once you get past that point of configuration and design, you press the big green button, as I like to say, and out pops all this really rich platform code that you can basically immediately deploy in various use cases."

    Wayne LashleyTreehouse Software

Open Source and Enterprise Class

OpenLegacy’s Community Edition is a comprehensive DIY (Do It Yourself) solution platform. It provides all of the tools and features needed to enable developers to automatically generate APIs from legacy systems, edit and enhance those APIs, and fully deploy to the targeted environments.

The Pro Edition enhances the OpenLegacy server offering. This edition includes a management console with features such as security and role management, performance and usage monitoring, automated API testing and verification, and high availability options.

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